How to Create a Job Posting on Facebook

Business owners with a Facebook Business Page have the opportunity to publish job listings for their company. 

(Yes, LinkedIn isn’t the only platform to post jobs anymore!)

When you publish a Job post on your Facebook Business Page, it will publish to your Page and the News Feed like a regular post, it stays active for 30 days, the job listing can be renewed once the 30 days passes, you can close the listing if you fill the job before the 30 days comes and goes, and you can boost your Job post for more exposure.

Some Page Templates have a Jobs tab standard in the left-hand side bar, but you don’t have to have a Page Template with the Jobs tab in order to publish a job.

How to Create a Job Posting on Facebook

How to Create a Job Post on Facebook

To post a job opening at your business, you can start by visiting this link and then clicking on the Create a Job button. If your Page Template includes the Jobs tab, you can also start by clicking there.

Jobs tab on Facebook Business Page

The link to current and past Jobs posted by your Page can be reached by following this link, where you replace your Facebook Business Page name with “YourPageNameHere”:

Whether you start creating your Jobs post by clicking on the tab on your Facebook Business Page or by visiting, the process to build a job listing and the information you can provide is the same.

Fill out the Facebook job post

Start by adding the name of the position in the Job Title field. This will be shown underneath the photo used for the job listing. Next, add the address of your business.

Continue down to the salary section. Adding a pay rate or salary is optional, You can post a range of pay and also can choose between by hour, day, week, month or year. 

Facebook job posting salary

Job type choices are part-time, full-time, internship, volunteer, and contract.

Facebook job posting job type

Next, write your job description. You have 5,000 characters to do so. Your job descriptions will show up at the top of your job listing post, above your job post image.

Next, you can add up to 3 additional questions. These questions are optional, and can be open-ended, yes or no, or multiple choice. 

The final couple sections of your job post let you choose the cover photo for the Page or to upload a photo for your job listing, and to give you the opportunity to include an email address for the application. If you enter an email address in that field, all applications will be emailed to that address.

Facebook job posting add photo

Accessing Received Applications

Once you post a job, you’ll notice a Manage Jobs tab along your Facebook Business Page’s navigation bar. Click on that tab to access all current and past received job applications.

Received Facebook Job Posting Applications

It’s important to note that when someone clicks on the Apply button on your posted job listing, that their name, education, and job information that’s included in that applicant’s Facebook profile, is sent to you. Not everyone keeps complete and updated work and education information in their Facebook Profile, so you should verify their information.

Facebook has some helpful organization tools of your received job applications. Using the drop down menu on the right side of each listed applicant, you can choose to mark that applicant as Contacted, Interview Scheduled, Interviewed, Hired, and Rejected.

Facebook job application status

Search for Jobs on Facebook

If you are in search of employment and would like to see all current jobs listings in your area, please visit, You can sort by job type and industry.

search current job listings on Facebook



  1. Reuven Lavie

    I don’t have the “Create a Job” button on my page. How do I fix it.??

    • The E R Team

      Hi Reuven,

      It’s possible you have this tab disabled in your Page Template. Visit your Business Page –> Settings –> Templates and Tabs to check.

  2. Shawn Mortimer

    Is this a free service?

    • The E R Team

      Yes, it is. And you can choose to advertise it after publishing, but you don’t have to.

  3. Nibbor Swens

    I have a business page, I post jobs using the Jobs feature, but they do not appear for anyone doing searches with Jobs on Facebook. Any pointers?

    • The E R Team


      Why do you feel they are not being seen by other users doing searches? What does the unique views count say on the job posting itself?

  4. Natalie

    I have a brand new business page but can’t post jobs – other forums suggest you
    Have to have a page for 2 months – is that correct?

    • The E R Team

      Hi Natalie,

      I haven’t specifically run into that but I can see how that would be the case. Facebook has placed employment ads into a restricted advertising category, so I can see why they may require a Page to have more Likes. I’ve never seen anything published about what that number may be, though.

  5. Jared

    i made a business page and went into the setting but there is no option to enable/add a job posting tab. I have read other forums that you have to have a certain amount of likes till the tab appears for you to use. Is this true?

    • The E R Team

      Hi Jared,

      I haven’t specifically run into that but I can see how that would be the case. Facebook has placed employment ads into a restricted advertising category, so I can see why they may require a Page to have more Likes. I’ve never seen anything published about what that number may be, though.

      • Jared

        when i created the page there is no job posting option anywhere? if you created a new page do you see the same result?

  6. Barbara Bartelsmeyer

    I have been posting jobs on my 2 business pages for a year. It works GREAT! Now that I’ve added a third business page, I cannot figure out how to post jobs onto that newest business page. Ideas?

    • The E R Team

      Hi Barbara,

      It may be the newness of the Page. While I haven’t seen any documentation from Facebook about this, they have been cracking down big time on employment topics, especially within ads, for several months now. Since you have been successful posting jobs for 2 established Pages and are now having issues with a brand new Page, I think that could be why.


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