Facebook Creator Studio initially rolled out to Facebook Page admins as a more central location for Facebook activities like writing and scheduling Facebook posts and drafts, viewing Insights, and monitoring inboxes for multiple Pages. Because Facebook owns Instagram and we’ve already seen the integration of Instagram in Facebook Business Pages through features like the smart inbox and publishing Instagram posts from Facebook, it’s not entirely surprising that Facebook created a way to tie in your Instagram account with its Facebook Creator Studio.

How to Add Instagram to your Facebook Creator Studio

How to Add Instagram to your Facebook Creator Studio

Visit your Creator Studio and look for the Instagram icon at the top. Click Try It Now.

Connect Facebook Creator Studio to Instagram

Creator Studio for Instagram will let you Manage Posts, Explore Insights, and Check Messages.

Creator Studio for Instagram

Uses for Connecting Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio

Click to connect your Instagram account. 

Next, you’ll see that connecting your Instagram account to your Creator Studio means that others who manage your Facebook Page will also be granted Instagram account management access. To modify these privileges, visit Creator Studio > Preferences > Your Page > Manage Page Roles.

Facebook admin privileges extend to Instagram in Creator Studio

Once you’ve connected your Instagram account to your Creator Studio, switch between your Facebook Creator Studio and Instagram Creator studio by clicking on the icons in the center of the top navigation bar.

Switch between Facebook Page and Instagram account in Creator Studio

Once you do, you’ll see the Create Post button in the top left corner.

Switch between Facebook and Instagram in Creator Studio

Under the Content Library view, you can sort your Instagram posts by post type: All Content, Video, Photo, Carousel, Stories, and IGTV. At a glance, you can see basic data on your Instagram posts like the post itself, the caption, the post status, the post date and time, and the count of Likes and Comments.

Instagram Content Library in Creator Studio

When you click on the Insights view (left-hand navigation menu), you can see Instagram account analytics sorted by Activity and Audience.

Instagram Creator Studio navigation

Within the Activity section, you can view data on the past 7 days of Interactions, Accounts Reached, and Impressions.

Interactions include activity like website visits, profile visits, and clicks to email your business from your Instagram profile page.

Actions Taken on Instagram account in Creator Studio

Accounts Reached is defined as “the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts”. And Impressions are the total number of estimated times all of your posts have been seen.

Instagram Accounts reached in Creator Studio

Next, in the Audience section of Insights for Instagram, you can see the last 7 days of audience data like age and gender of your Instagram followers, when your followers are on Instagram, and the top cities and countries where your followers are located.

Age and Gender of Instagram followers 

When your Instagram followers are online

At any time you can hover over the grey circle with the “i” icon for information of what that data represents.

If you are having difficulties connecting your Instagram account or are getting messages like your Instagram account has been connected to another Page or that you need to request access to a Page to see an account, check (and potentially disconnect and then reconnect) these places:

  • Do you see your Instagram account successfully connected to your Facebook Page when viewing the Instagram tab within your Facebook Page’s Settings?
  • Check (or disconnect) what Facebook account is connected to your Instagram account when you log into your Instagram account.
  • Are you using Business Manager for Page and/or Instagram account ownership?
  • Is your Instagram account already connected to a different Facebook Page? 

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