Now that you’ve finished setting up Feedburner and your email subscription option, you can move on to less-techie and more-exciting tasks like customizing your email feed. This post covers how to add the post title to your email subject, include an image in your email, and change the colors, font style and font size of your posts. All of these changes are performed on the same page within your Feedburner account.

How To Add Your Post Title to your Email Feed

1. Sign into Feedburner. Choose Publicize –> Email Subscriptions –> Email Branding.


2. Next to your site’s name in the “Email Subject/Title” field, enter: ${latestItemTitle} and Feedburner will do the rest.

How to Add your Logo to your Email Feed

3. You first need to upload your logo to a site like Photobucket that hosts images for free. After selecting the image you want to use for your feed, click on it, then “Get Link Code” and highlight the contents of the “Direct link for layout pages” field.

4. Just below the section in Feedburner where you added a line of code to include your post title in your feed emails, there is a field labeled Logo URL. Paste the Photobucket link into this field.

email feed

5. Now that that’s done, you can change the font style, size and color of your feed in the section below the “Logo URL.”

email feedChanges that you make are visible in the preview at the bottom of the page.

RSS email feedBe sure to click Save when you are satisfied. Then check your email the next day to see the fruits of your labor.


*This is the 3rd in a multi-post series on how to set up and customize Feedburner for your website.

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