YouTube is the #2 search engine, following search behemoth Google. Videos regularly populate search engine search results. Videos present your brand in a different way, and on a deeper level, helping you to develop deeper relationships with your customers and potential customers. That’s why if YouTube is part of the social media marketing strategy for your small business, we can help you manage and optimize your small business’ YouTube presence.

YouTube channel management for your small business

YouTube Channel Management for your Small Business

Our YouTube channel management service does not include the creation of videos.

  • Optimize each video for search (video title, tags and description)
  • Time stamps and video content summary, as needed
  • Selection of the best video thumbnail
  • Inclusion of a link to either your website’s home page, or the specific blog post or page that relates to the video.
  • Creation and optimization of YouTube video playlists
  • Adding End Cards to videos, as directed
  • Uploading YouTube channel art, as needed
  • Responding to comments left on your YouTube videos

YouTube Channel management pricing will depend on the content and length of your typical YouTube videos. 

Read more about our social media management services, including all our platform-specific services.

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