Using your Facebook Fan Page “Likes” as a Marketing Tool

All Facebook users have the option to “like” Facebook fan pages. All fan pages can “like” another fan page, too. Once a fan page is “liked”, it is easy to tag that fan page in an update.

To tag a fan page in your status update, start by typing the @ sign in the status update field. Continue typing the first few letters of that fan page’s name, and you’ll see a list of possible pages auto-suggested for you.


Why Facebook Fan Page “Likes” can help you

Usually when you consider whether or not to “like” a fan page, you think about how much you love the product, service or blog posts of that fan page. You may want to receive a discount on a future purchase or information on new product releases. You may also want to be sure updates from that page hit your stream.

If you are a business, you might want to add other local business and related industry pages to your fan page’s Likes in order to be able to share content that your fans would love or to build strong B2B connections to perhaps co-sponsor event or other cross-promotional opportunity.

Using Facebook “Likes” as a Marketing Tool

Facebook is a great marketing tool and one that has more capability to grow your business, handmade shop or blog beyond being “just another avenue” to share links and product or service information. Having numerous fan pages added to your “likes” provides for many cross-promotional opportunities because whenever you tag another fan page in a status update, your update is posted to both your wall and theirs.

If you are a blogger, you can tag another fan page for every guest post, contest, product review and special event you attend. If you are a handmade shop, consider tagging websites or blogs that are hosting a giveaway of your product or those you advertise with. If you are a business, tagging other local businesses, government offices, and news, television and radio outlets is a great way to establish your presence in your market and with your customer base.

Social media is all about being social and networking. By connecting with others in this way, you are increasing your exposure while also giving others a simultaneous hat tip. It’s a win-win situation, and one that requires very minimal effort.


  1. Jemima

    Are there etiquette issues with this? Should you have the permission of the other fan page before you tag them in a post and appear on their wall?

    • admin

      Hi Jemima,

      As the admin of a page, it is possible to remove posts you find offensive or inappropriate.

      Since this tactic is designed as a cross-promotional strategy, I’d be willing to bet that just about every fan page out there would love the shout out.

      For example, on my personal blog, I tagged the fan page of a cooking school I recently attended. It’s free advertising for them since I’m talking them up to other people who may also attend.

  2. Jayme (RandomBlogette)

    I love being able to do this. I have been working with The Limited and they love the free promotion! I have been using it on both my personal page as well as my own fan page. It is a great way to get your name and your blog/company name out there as well.

  3. Maïté

    I think that this point is very interesting. But I tried and it doesn’y work. Can we still do this ? Thank you for your answer.

    • Admin


      Yes you can do this. Both as yourself and by adding a fan page to your fan page’s “Likes”. If you very recently “Liked” something, there seems to be a delay in the tagging to work, however.


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