6 Tips for Using Facebook as your Fan Page

To reap the largest reward from your Facebook fan page efforts, take a few minutes a day, (at least) a few times a week, to interact on Facebook as your brand. Below is a video that shows you where and how to take advantage of the functionalities built into the all Facebook fan pages.

Facebook fan page tips covered in this video:

  • How to toggle between your personal profile and your fan page.
  • How to see which Facebook users have “liked” your fan page.
  • How to see which Facebook pages have added your fan page to their favorites.
  • How to view updates from other fan pages.
  • Commenting or liking a status update as your brand.
  • How to “like” a page as your fan page.
Do you make an effort to interact as your brand while on Facebook?


  1. Poppy

    I wish I knew what I did to my fan page that makes me unable to do any of the things in this tutorial! Ugh.

    • admin

      Since I like your page, make me an admin and I can take a look.

  2. JDaniel4's Mom

    Sounds like Poppy and I are in the same boat!

    • admin

      If you want to make me admin of your page, I can take a look.

  3. Admin

    Another way to add a fan page to your fan page’s Favorites is to – when visiting the fan page you want added – click the link at the bottom of the left sidebar of that page, that reads “Add Page to my Favorites”.


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