Facebook fan pages have been an effective, easy-to-use tool for many small businesses and handmade sellers. Not only is Facebook a widely-used social media platform, but business owners have an existing high level of familiarity with it due to their own personal use.

Fan pages allow businesses to engage and interact with their customers. Every post, link or comment response is one more representation of their brand.

Facebook also allows users the option to post, link and comment as their fan page throughout Facebook and not just on their fan page. This is helpful because posting as your page can increase brand awareness and also help to drive traffic – and Likes – to your fan page. Users can even alternate between using Facebook at their page or as themselves.

How to Use Facebook as a Page

1. In the drop-down menu under Account in the top right corner of the screen, choose “Use Facebook as Page” from the list.


2. A screen will pop up that will ask users to select which page to interact as. Choose “Switch.”


These 2 easy steps are all that’s needed for a person to act as their business while commenting, posting and linking on Facebook.

Small business and handmade shop owners have the opportunity to extend their brand’s reach by choosing to interact on Facebook as their fan page instead of as themselves.

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