Who.Unfollowed.Me: A Twitter Unfollow Tracker

One of the downsides to social media is the massive quantity of messages, streams and relationships to keep up with. There are several social media “clean up” tools out there. Two of our Twitter favorites are TwitCleaner and Who.Unfollowed.Me.

TwitCleaner is great to use to identify different types of users and the reasons why you may want to unfollow. Who.Unfollowed.Me is another free Twitter clean up tool, but one that serves a very different purpose than TwitCleaner.

Why Use Who.Unfollowed.Me

Who.Unfollowed.Me is a free tool that analyzes your Twitter followers to determine two things:

  1. Twitter users who have unfollowed you.
  2. Twitter users who you follow, but do not follow you back.
We all know that relationships can change and social media unfollows may result. We also know that there are some Twitter users who crave a high number of followers while maintaining a low Following number. Who.Unfollowed.Me quickly identifies those who used to follow you and gives you the option to unfollow, too.

Using the Who.Unfollowed.Me Twitter Tracker

After signing into Who.Unfollowed.Me with your Twitter handle, you can choose to either check for Unfollowers or those who are not following back.


When you view the list of those who have unfollowed you, Who.Unfollowed.Me shows whether or not you are currently following those people and gives you the option to unfollow them if you are.

The same is true for those Twitter users who do not follow you back; you are shown their profile pictures and links to their twitter pages and you can choose to unfollow them if you’d like.

How to get Started with Who.Unfollowed.Me

You will need to connect your Twitter account to Who.Unfollowed.Me in order to run their tracking tool. Also, since checking for Unfollowers requires a historical comparison, you will need to run their tracking tool once in order to have a baseline for future comparisons.

What is your favorite Twitter clean up tool?


  1. Dana K

    TwitCleaner & Who.Unfollowed.Me are awesome. I check them both regularly. Who.Unfollowed.Me helped me clean out a LOT of twitter profiles that weren’t following me back AND that don’t add any value to my tweetstream. I don’t care that AP News or The Onion don’t follow me back because they both add value, IMO. However, when I don’t even recognize about 20 avatars in that section, it’s a pretty good sign they are just taking up space.

  2. Alexandra

    A twitter clean up is how I found like 500 Egyptian real estate doods were following me.

    I think it’s from that time my account was hacked and there were tweets in 3 different languages being sent out with my avatar.

    Someone tweeted me and said, “WOW! you know so many languages.”

    No…WOW…I just got hacked.

    THanks, for this, Liz.

  3. Emily Suess

    I use who.unfollowed.me pretty routinely, but I also use manageflitter.com. The latter lets me find accounts that haven’t tweeted recently, and I like to unfollow accounts that have gone dormant.

    If there are a lot of people to unfollow, manageflitter.com allows you tick several boxes and unfollow with one button. It’s a little easier because you don’t have to click through to each page.

  4. C @ Kid Things

    I was looking for something like this! Thank you!

  5. JamericanSpice

    This is very good topic!

    Now if only I could find one that let’s me clean out obsolete tweets

    • admin

      TwitCleaner will tell you what accounts are dormant. You might want to check it to do that type of clean out.

  6. Amanda Austin

    This is my favorite Twitter clean-up tool — although it has made me really get my feelings hurt from time to time 😉

  7. Jamie

    This is great, of course. Question, confusion though… when I did the one about who doesn’t follow back it said there were 100 people. But Twitter tells me there is only a 21 person difference. And some of the profile picks are people that Twitter shows as following. Just wondering how accurate it is.

    • Admin

      There could be people who are following you, who you aren’t following back. That’s how there could seem to be a difference between 100 and 21.

  8. PeterH

    I would like to suggest you similar service FollowCheck.com. The main purpose is the same, but FollowCheck provides also some additional features such as stats over time, charts, email notifications and more. And it is free too.


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