An important piece to building a strong online brand is having consistency in your visual branding – from your website through all social media platforms. Your business’ YouTube channel is no exception to this, and YouTube’s interface updates now give you even more ways to brand your channel.


6 Ways to Brand your YouTube Channel

Branding Features accessed through “Edit Channel

Add your logo Visit Edit Channel –> Appearance to upload your business logo. Your logo will then appear on the left side of your channel page, with your channel name to the right.

Brand your channel’s background You can upload a background image (and choose for it repeat, filling up your entire YouTube channel background area if you would like) and also choose a background color. Both of these branding options can be found under Edit Channel –> Appearance.

Add a title, description and tags to your Channel Access these informational fields under Edit Channel –> Info and Settings. Just like when choosing SEO tags for your website or blog, it’s important to choose smart keywords when completing these fields. YouTube’s search function acts much the same way as Google search.

Branding Features accessed through the “Edit” link in the Sidebar

Connect, link and display your Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook accounts Click on Edit in the sidebar on your YouTube Channel page to add these social media accounts to your channel. Click Apply at the top of the right sidebar when done.


Connect, link and display your website or blog URL While editing your sidebar, add a custom website link beneath your social media icons. Click Apply at the top of the right sidebar when done.

Link featured playlists and channels At the bottom of the right sidebar, you have the option to add featured playlists and channels that may be relevant to your brand or business.


In as little as 10 minutes, you can have a well-branded, socially-connected YouTube channel for your business.

How well does your business’ YouTube channel represent your overall brand?

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