Enabling and adding a featured video to your YouTube channel is l way to bolster your online brand. Implementing this built-in function can be easily done in 4 steps.

Enabling the Featured Video for your YouTube Channel

1. When signed in and viewing your YouTube Channel, click the Edit Channel button on the right side. Choose the Info and Settings tab, and then select the Featured Tab option from the drop-down menu.


2. Next, click on the Featured Tab tab and check the box that reads, “Enable Featured Tab“.


Click Done Editing and you’ll be returned to your regular channel view.

3. Next you’ll see the new Featured Video area that has been created. Click anywhere in that area to choose the video you’d like to feature.


4. Select the movie you want to feature from the drop-down menu that is displayed.


You can also choose to have your video automatically begin playing as soon as your channel page loads and have the newest uploaded video automatically become the featured video.

After making your selections, click Apply and you’re done. You’ve now enabled the Featured Video option on your YouTube channel.


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