10 Reasons to use MailChimp for your Newsletters

One of the most common pieces of advice given to small business owners is to “build your email list” and to do so from the beginning. There are multiple electronic newsletter services to choose from, but for the 10 reasons below, MailChimp is our preferred choice.

10 Reasons to Use MailChimp for Newsletters

1. MailChimp is free! Store up to 2,000 subscribers and send up to 12,000 emails a month under the free plan. Paid options – including Pay As You Go – are available.

2. It’s easy to add a newsletter sign up to your website or Facebook fan page MailChimp provides you with HTML code that you can add to a text widget on your website, and your MailChimp subscription fields can be added to your Facebook fan page through a tab or integrated as part of your Welcome Tab if using a 3rd party app like ShortStack. Also, there is a short link to your subscribe page so it’s easily shared or tweeted.

3. MailChimp newsletters are easily branded Your newsletter and your subscription page can be branded with your imagery and colors.

4. Manage multiple subscriber lists It is easy to segment your subscribers in order to better target your newsletter mail-outs.

5. MailChimp offers tons of layout options Choose from dozens of pre-designed templates – including templates suited for iPhone and Android – or from the nearly 40 basic layout templates. You can also import your own template.

6. MailChimp brings you valuable analytics After sending out a campaign, you can track the number of Opens and Clicks, and see how those percentages compare to your industry. Your Opens are shown geographically, and the number of tweets and Facebook shares, calculating out to your total potential audience, is also tracked. Plus, MailChimp allows you to enter your Google Analytics account number to track the success of your newsletter that way, too.

7. Access MailChimp on the go MailChimp offers both iPhone and Droid apps.

8. You determine when your newsletter hits inboxes Set the day and time for your newsletter mail out.

9. Testing, Testing 1,2,3 Before scheduling your newsletter to email all of your subscribers, send yourself a test newsletter so you can be certain how it will look.

10. Lengthy list of services integration Want to update your email list with each new PayPal purchase? Send GoTo Meeting webinar invitations? Invite others to complete your SurveyMonkey survey? Or integrate CRM records? These are just a few of the services offered by MailChimp.

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What has been the most effective way for you to build your email lists?

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  1. Yuliya

    FYI there is a limit on how many times you can send yourself a test (in the free version) I learned that the hard way!


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