19 Types of Blog Post Ideas

When you blog – whether it’s for yourself or your business – it’s important to vary the types of blog posts you write. It is more engaging for your readers if your post type and style varies. Plus, it gives you more creative freedom (along with an occasional break from lengthy, essay-like writing).

Below is a list of 19 different blog post ideas:

  • List post – Much like this one.
  • Top 10” – Your post could be “Top 5”, “8 Tips to…” or “14 Ways you can…”. It doesn’t matter the number, but posts with titles that contain a number like this see the highest click-through rates.
  • Photo – Professional or funny.
  • Video – If you don’t have your own YouTube channel, try searching YouTube for one that is relevant for your readers.
  • Q & A  – Answer your most frequently asked questions or problems you are often asked to help solve.
  • Host a guest post
  • Vlog – Getting in front of the camera reveals another, deeper level of you and your business.
  • Series – Do you have a big topic you’d like to cover? Perhaps a multi-part series would be a great way to roll it out in smaller pieces.
  • Write a letter 
  • Instructional posts – Solving a person’s problem is a great way to earn a new customer.
  • Charitable/posts supporting a cause
  • Announcement posts – Company news, new product releases, upcoming events, etc.
  • Interview – This could be of an expert in your niche or someone in a related-but-relevant field.
  • Highlight posts written by others This could be done individually, much like our E.R. Recommends, or “round up” style.
  • Product or service review – This doesn’t need to be a sponsored opportunity. You might just love a product and want to share that with your readers.
  • Giveaway
  • Contest
  • Meme – The blogosphere has link-ups that run every day of the week.
  • Update to a previous post – News, products, services and software are always changing. Sometimes you need to write an update post to have the most current information available to your readers.

What types of blog posts seem to be the most well-received for you?


  1. Tonya

    Great tips for those at a loss for what to write about. I think I’ve done each and every one of these.



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