Google Plus Buttons

If you’ve made the decision to create a Google Plus profile for either yourself or your business, the next step would be to add a linked social media icon to your website or blog to make it easy for others to find and circle you on Google Plus.

You have a few style options for your site’s button:




The first two can be found on the Google Developers site, and the third button style can be found on Widget+. Both button tools require you to add your Google Plus ID, which is the series of numbers highlighted below.


Both button tools create a block of code that you need to copy and paste into your website or blog.


Google Developers Button

With the Google Developers tool, you can select between Page and Personal buttons.


Also, be sure to select “Advanced Options” to change the width of your Google Plus button.

Widget+ Button

The Widget+ Tool grants you extensive customization options, but is limited to personal profiles only. Along with adjusting the width and height, you can choose to include your post feed, and adjust settings like font, background color, text color and title.


To adjust any of these settings, simply click in the respective field you want to change.

You can match your site’s design and brand with the flexibility of this button tool.

With Google continuing to grow its influence on search, it’s best to stake your claim on Google Plus now. Adding a Google Plus button to your site is a great way to make it easy to grow the number of people who have circled you.



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