Facebook Pages Manager App

First available only in New Zealand and now available for download in the US, the Facebook Pages Manager App for iPhone is designed to aid fan page admins in posting status updates, responding to comments and viewing fan page analytics.


After logging in to the Facebook Pages Manager App, you’ll be shown the list of all the fan pages you currently admin.


Choose the fan page you want to access, and update the page much in the same way you wrote posts or added photos with the regular Facebook iPhone app. You’ll also notice the Reach and Talking About This numbers beneath the Like bar.


To filter your view, choose if you want to see Everyone’s Posts, only posts made by your page or any hidden posts. You are also able to see any updates you have made on other fan page’s status.


The Facebook Pages Manager App makes it easy to see the Fans your page has recently acquired.


You can receive Push notifications in order to be alerted every time there is activity on one of your pages. If you admin multiple pages and do not want Push Notifications from a specific fan page sent to your mobile app, visit Settings –> Your Settings and uncheck the box next to Pages Manager Mobile Notifications.


You can also view some page insights and a trend graph.


The Facebook Pages Manager App also makes it easy to delete an update.


For those fan page admins who prefer to keep their own personal Facebook activity separate from any clients’ fan pages, this app fits the bill.

Do you access your fan page(s) from your iPhone or iPad?


  1. Kristin

    I haven’t downloaded it yet, wasn’t sure if it was worth it. Looks like it has some good features, I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

  2. Andi

    Good, except I don’t like that i have to log off twice – once from Pages and then from regular Facebook – OY VEY!!


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