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Utilizing functions like the Twitter tweet button and Feedburner help you to easily share and spread the direct link for your blog post. But once your current post is replaced by a newer one, the only way to push those older posts out again is to manually tweet them. Unless you use something like the Tweet Old Post plugin.

How to Use the Tweet Old Post Plugin

The Tweet Old Post plugin will automatically tweet out published posts at the interval and within the parameters you set. Tweet Old Post allows you to add additional text to your tweet (For example: E.R. In Review), add your API key and add hash tags, if you so choose.


Tweet Old Post allows you to set the time interval between tweets, so you can control how often your old posts are tweeted out over the course of a day. You can set a minimum and maximum age of posts tweeted out (For example, you might not want to retweet a post written more than 365 days ago). Also, you can easily mark any categories of posts you don’t want retweeted.


Excluding Specific Posts

Along with excluding entire categories of posts, the Tweet Old Post plugin allows you to exclude specific posts, too. This feature is helpful for posts that may be seasonal in nature, relate to a past giveaway, or that have outdated information because of product updates or improvements.

If you would like your old-but-still-useful posts to get more airtime, consider installing the Tweet Old Post plugin. Take a peek at your analytics before you start and again once the plugin has been working for a few weeks, and look to see if there is a change in pageviews.


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