When Does Your Feed Go Out?

We introduced you to some of the many capabilities of Feedburner in the last 2 weeks, including how to add a post title and logo to your email feed as well as how to add social bookmarking links and Google AdSense ads. Now that we’ve prettied-up what your email feed looks like, we’re going to show you how to tweak the delivery of your feed as well.

Set the Time of your Feed’s Distribution

1. Sign in to Feedburner. Click on the Publicize tab, then Email Subscriptions on the sidebar. Then choose Delivery Options from the menu that opens.

2. First select the time zone you want to work in, and then choose the delivery window time you most prefer.

Feedburner, Email

Consider the time of day your readers will be working in their inboxes when making your selection. Be sure to activate this service and save your changes.

Publish Your New Post to Twitter

1. While working under the Publicize tab, click Socialize in the sidebar.

2. Click Add a Twitter Account, and you’ll be redirected to a new screen where you need to authorize this action with Twitter.

Feedburner, Twitter

Once you have authorized the application, you’ll return to your original screen and see your Twitter handle listed.

3. Once you have added your Twitter account to Feedburner, scroll down a bit further until you see this:

Feedburner, Twitter

Make your desired selections as to what is included in a tweet when a new post publishes.  You can even select to have hashtags added to your tweets.

4. After making your selections, you can see an example as to what your Tweets will look like below.

Feedburner, Tweet

Be sure to activate the service and save any changes you make.

Feedburner offers many free services to its users.  Don’t be afraid to click around inside your Feedburner account and tweak your settings to best serve your site and customers.

*This is the 5th post in a multi-post series on how to set up and customize Feedburner for your website.


  1. Mrs. Jen B

    Gaaaaaaaaaasp! This is why I love you guys. Seriously. Well not just for this. But this is pretty huge.

  2. Cori

    Just what I needed!! Thanks ladies!!!!!

  3. JamericanSpice

    Thank you for this!! I’m learning.

    I have to subscribe!



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