How to Create a Google Plus Event

Adding to the existing meeting and conference features and functionalities of the platform, Google Plus has introduced an Events function.


Accessible from the Events icon in the left sidebar of your Google Profile page and as a photo ad on the right (as seen above), you can create a Google Plus Event and invite others to it.


When creating your Google Plus Event, you can choose from a selection of “themes”, even uploading your own image to use if you’d like. From there, fill out the provided fields much like you would a paper invitation, with an Event name, date, time and location. Also, decide what options you’ll grant to your Event guests.


While your Event can take place at a physical location, it is possible to make your Google Plus Event a hangout or to put it on air.


After selecting which Google Plus users to invite, click to send your invitations to those Event guests.


As an invitee, you can view the invitation, mark whether or not you are attending, comment on the Event thread, and see who is invited and whether or not they can make it, all from your Events page. You can check your own availability through your Google calendar (link appears when hovering) before deciding how to RSVP.

As the creator of the Event, you can manage your guest list, add photos, share your Event with more people, edit Event details and delete an Event.


Have you been invited to a Google Plus Event yet? How do you forsee using this feature?

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