Add a Manager to your Google Plus Business Page

When Google first introduced its business pages, you as the owner of the page were limited to being the sole page administrator. But as Google Plus matured a bit and added additional functionality, it also allowed for up to 50 Business page managers.

How to Add a Manager to your Google Plus Business Page

1. From the Home tab of your business page, click on the Gear Icon, then Settings.

2. Choose “Managers“.

3. Enter the Google Plus-associated email address of the person(s) you want to add as a manager of your Google Plus business page.


An email notification will be sent to those you invited. Once they accept the invitation to become a Google Plus business page manager, you’ll see their avatar and name listed on under the Managers tab.


Keep in mind that there can only be 1 Page Owner, and Managers have slightly different capabilities than a Page Owner.


This improvement makes it much easier for brands to manage their Google Plus presences as each person posting to the page has their own access and login capabilities.

How many Google Plus business pages do you admin?


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