emaill-newsletterYou probably know that it’s considered wise to collect email addresses as your business grows. You may have even gone so far as to set up a newsletter subscription option on your website or fan page. But establishing and growing an email list is much different than putting that email list to work for your business. Here are 5 tips that will help you effectively utilize email newsletters to grow your sales and business.

5 Email Newsletter Tips

Newsletter content: Do you have something important to say? Or are you sending out a new email to your customers simply because it’s a new week or month? You don’t want to send out a newsletter just for the sake of sending one out as that could increase your number of unsubscribes. Be sure there is something of value for your customers enclosed in your newsletter. A new product or service, seasonal special or other timely news are three great reasons. Also consider what other teasers you can include in your newsletter that will encourage your customers to click through links to visit your website, online store or blog.

Frequency of newsletters: How frequently you need to send out an email newsletter really depends on the nature of your business. If you run a daily deal site, you are going to be writing and sending off newsletters much more frequently than most other businesses. Some businesses may email their customers no more frequently than on a quarterly basis, and that’s fine, too. You know your customers and industry best; just be sure the frequency of newsletters is one that your customers would expect and need.

Timing is Everything: You might think that sending out an email newsletter first thing Monday morning is a “must”, but you’ll actually see higher open rates if you send it out on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Think about how much email piles up in your own inbox over the weekend; chances are your customers’ inboxes are just as full every Monday.

Subject line: When your email newsletter hits a recipient’s inbox, all that person can see is your email address and the subject line. It is because of this that you need to carefully craft an effective, alluring subject line that entices as many recipients as possible to click to open it. Visit Christine Brady’s post for data on email newsletter open vs. click-through rates by industry type, the “magic” number of characters in your subject line and which words garner the highest likelihood of clicks.

Integration is Key: Does your newsletter content and timing correspond to the rest of your marketing calendar? It’s important that your mailings coincide in both topic and distribution with your larger, integrated marketing plan.

Your business’ email newsletter is one of many tools in your marketing toolbox. To use it most effectively, careful consideration needs to be given to its content, frequency, time of publication, subject line and how well it integrates with your overall marketing schedule.

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