How Important is a Logo?

how-important-is-a-logoWe’ve all heard how important branding is to you and your company. It can set you apart in the marketplace and give you a cohesive image amongst other things. However, the importance of choosing a unique and eye-catching logo is never more clear than when riding in the car with someone who can’t read.

Take a short drive with a two year old and it will become readily apparent that your logo is the first thing potential customers notice and it is often what they remember the longest. It can inspire them to learn more about your business. Most importantly, if chosen correctly and used consistently, your logo can ensure that you are recognized anywhere; even a toddler can spot a McDonald’s a mile away.

More than that, toddlers can discern what other types of institutions sell hamburgers, even if they’ve never eaten there. They can intuit this based on logo, colors and shapes of buildings. Think the observations of toddlers aren’t important? Think again.

If you run a coffee shop, choosing the right logo can allow people who don’t necessarily speak your language to know they can get coffee there. Similarly, people who are busy wrangling their toddlers can see at a glance, without looking at your menu, that they can get a sanity-saving cup of coffee inside your establishment. (Toddlers will likely know their parents can buy them a hot chocolate while they’re at it, too.)

Creating a great logo can set you apart in the marketplace, for sure. But it’s also a great way to communicate nonverbally with your customers which is crucial in a number of situations.

Make it easy on your customers by choosing a logo that’s both easy to remember and understand.

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  1. Antonia Murphy

    Love the comparison with toddlers– especially since in the age of Twitter, most consumers’ attention spans are about the same as a two-year-old’s!


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