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The use of images is critical in social media engagement and business blogging. If including attribution and a link back is possible, a great photo source option is Creative Commons. When searching for an image for a Facebook status update, an attribution- and royalty-free website like is a “must visit”. But if you can’t find a photo that properly fits your needs, have text you want to make into an image or have your own image but would like to add some text to it, Pinwords might be the perfect solution for your image needs.


Using Pinwords with an Existing Image

If you have an image you want to use (or a URL for the image you’d like to use), you can upload it from the Pinwords home page. Then select from 1 of 6 themes for your image.


You can choose from 8 fonts for your image’s text.


Here’s an example of an uploaded photo with text added.


Once your photo is complete, you have the option of pinning it, tweeting it, sharing it to Tumblr, Facebook Liking it or emailing it.

Using Pinwords without an Image

No image? No problem! Pinwords makes it easy to create your own image by providing 4 choices for a background – Purty Wood, Paper, Carbon Fibre, and Floral.


Just like with uploading your own image, you have the same 6 themes and 8 fonts styles to choose from when making your image.


Pinwords is a free and easy to use tool that enables people to make the images they need in order to pack the biggest social media and blogging punch.

How do you go about acquiring images to use on social media or your blog?


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    This is a great tip!

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