How to Engage your Customers on Twitter

The two most common challenges we see when training clients on how to best use Twitter for their business are:

  • A brand with a tweet stream comprised almost solely of its own sales message
  • A brand with a tweet stream showing little to no interaction with its followers

The “80/20 rule of Promotion” is a great standard to use when considering the amount of promotional updates for any social media channel. Users will tune you out, mute you or unfollow you completely if you do nothing but talk about yourself.

Cutting back on your sales updates is relatively easy. It’s figuring out how to talk to your Twitter followers that tends to be the real challenge.

In a recent social media training call, a client asked about exactly that: “When I attempt to engage with those who follow my brand, what kinds of things do I say to them?

After giving her several examples of conversations she could have with her brand’s followers, she responded with, “So, basically, I should tweet with them just the same as I would talk to them if they walked into my store?


Twitter is different than all the other social media platforms, and because of that, many people tend to over-think how to chat on Twitter.

If someone walked into your business carrying a stylish handbag or gorgeous bracelet, you would compliment her on that, right? So when she shares a photo of that bag or bracelet via Instagram to her Twitter stream, why not tweet back complimenting her?

If a person was finishing up at the register and commented that they were heading out to dinner or a movie, you’d probably engage them about where they were going to eat or what show they were going to see, right? So respond in the same way on Twitter.

Take advantage of the fact that you can read every thought tweeted by those you follow. Reply to other Twitter users’ tweets in the same manner you would if you were face to face with that person having the same conversation. Humanizing your brand and showing customers you care about them and what is happening in their lives is the quickest way to creating a long-lasting, loyal customer relationship.



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