Paid Facebook promotions have become something the average user expects to see. However, with all the new options, it’s easy to get confused about what choices you as a small business owner have. Below, find a quick overview of three paid options for your Facebook fan page.

  1. Offers Similar to a traditional coupon, Facebook Offers are “claimed” by Facebook users and then redeemed for discounted or free products or services. As a Facebook fan page admin, you can control the number of Offers allowed, set the expiration date for an Offer, determine if the Offer is good in-store only, online only, or both, and can set other rules and restrictions for that Offer. Offers appear in your timeline.
  2. Facebook Ads A Facebook ad can help you to reach users who are not currently connected to your page and encourage them to Like your page, or can send users to a page on your website. You have many options for audience targeting with this option, and can control where a Facebook ad directs users (e.g. send users to your fan page, an external website, etc.). These ads can be a great way for you to increase your number of Fans. However, people who like your page and never return don’t add value to your page. Make sure you understand what you’re getting out of a Facebook ad before jumping in. Facebook ads are located in the right sidebar.
  3. Promote a Post Facebook recently released the ability to promote an individual post. This option starts at a price as low as $5. This broadens the reach of this individual post to those beyond your Facebook fans. This can be a great way to highlight a new product or service you’re offering and ensure a broad audience sees it. However, promoting an individual post does not guarantee you increased lasting reach or engagement. Make sure you understand the lasting effects of promoting an individual post before you implement this strategy. Promoted posts are located in your timeline.

Using ads to supplement your traditional Facebook strategy can help to broaden your reach. However, like an advertising strategy, they are not a guaranteed way to increase sales, increase long-term engagement nor are they a full-fledged marketing strategy.


Do you use Facebook ads? What have  you found works best for you?

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