Do you hate to “Pin & Run”? You know, when your Pinterest activity shows 12 pins in the span of 8 minutes, then no activity for the next 5 days? Enter Pingraphy, a Pinterest management tool that allows you to schedule your pins to post gradually over time.



For those of you who use Buffer, think of Pingraphy as the “Buffer of Pinterest“.

Creating a Pingraphy Account

To create an account with Pingraphy, you need to login with your Pinterest account credentials (so, yes, you need to have a Pinterest account first).

Since part of the Pingraphy pinning process involves use of its bookmarklet, you’ll be asked to install the bookmarklet to your browser as part of the account creation process.


Scheduling a Pin with Pingraphy

After clicking on the Pingraphy bookmarklet in your browser, you are presented with a choice of images from that web page to use for your pin. By default, all images are pre-selected. You can de-select as needed, then click the green “Next” button on the right.

A new window will open with all you need to schedule your pin. Set the day and time of your pin (down to the minute) and set an interval if pinning several images at once.



Pingraphy also has built-in photo editing features to crop, enhance and add text to the image that will be pinned.


Once your pin is scheduled, you’ll see it in your Dashboard. You can also view the Repin, Like and Comment history of your previous pins from your dashboard.


Wearing the many hats a small business owner does, it is difficult to maintain a steady stream of social media updates across your brand’s accounts. Social media management tools like Pingraphy allow you to schedule several days of activity in one sitting.

How often do you pin?

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