8 Things You Should be Doing on Pinterest Right Now

suspicious-link-on-pinterestWith over 11 million users, Pinterest has rightfully earned its spot at the top of the social media class. If you are one of those 11 million people who spend, on average, 98 minutes on pinning to your heart’s content, you might as well make the most of your efforts, right? Here are 8 Pinterest tips to need to follow now.

8 Practices You Need to Follow on Pinterest

  1. Check your pin sources This is one of my biggest frustrations with Pinterest. Not only do you risk violating copyrights, you also risk looking foolish if your repin leads to a spam site.
  2. Complete your Pinterest profile This is a best practice regardless of social media platform. Your network on Pinterest will grow much, much faster if people can easily read about you, what you care about, where you are located and what other social media platforms you use.
  3. Create logical, organized boards In other words, you don’t want to be pinning funny cat videos, fabulous hairstyles and tasty appetizers to the same board. Separate your pins by subject, and you’ll have much more success.
  4. Choose relevant board titles and add board descriptions It helps people who are viewing your profile to more easily understand what they’ll find on each of your boards. Plus, it can help others find your boards via a Google search. For example, a recent Google search for “girls shabby chic bedroom ideas” returned a Pinterest pinboard in the top spot!
  5. Choose eye-catching board cover images Pinterest is a very visual social media platform, and the more visually-appealing your images are, the more likely they’ll get repinned. Since you can designate one image as your board cover, be sure to choose wisely…and beautifully.
  6. Rearrange your boards seasonally The size of a user’s screen will affect how many rows of pinboards they’ll see when they land on your profile page. Whether it’s one row or two, if your Kids’ Halloween Costume Ideas and Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas pinboards are at the top of your profile page during the month of April, the first impression you’ll give is not a positive one.
  7. Repin and Like others’ pins Regardless of social platform, you can’t blast your brand’s message all the time. It’s important to repin and like others’ pins if you want them to do the same to yours.
  8. Verify your website URL and then take advantage of Pinterest’s new Analytics This is something relevant only to business profiles, but doing so gets you a red verified check mark and makes Pinterest Analytics available to you.

What tips would you add to this Pinterest Must list?


  1. Alison

    Great tips. I’d also add, edit the description on each Pin accordingly, if it says something like , ‘Haha’, or ‘Love it’.

  2. Rita@thissortaoldlife

    Use the pin description to give credit to the source, especially when pinning your own stuff. And if pinning from your own blog, copy compelling text from the post in the pin descriptor box. When uploading images to your posts be sure to put your site’s name in the photo name (along with key words for searching) so that the pinned doesn’t have to do any of that for you.


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