Using Social Media Signage

We’ve talked before about how helpful it can be to update your signage once you’ve started your social media accounts. Using your signage can be a great way to promote your social media accounts the same way you use it to promote your business.

Several times last week, I had this proven to me in real life. At an impromptu lunch with my husband and kids, happily laughing with them, I noticed a sign that said “Tweet ME!”. So, I picked up my phone, snapped a picture and tweeted them. While I may or may not have already followed the Jimmy John’s account, their visual cue to interact with them caused me to do so. Now, multiply that effect by all the stores they have and all the people that come through. If 1 person per store per day takes that cue, they’ve increased their social media presence exponentially.


Then our lawn mower broke down. We scrambled to find somewhere nearby that would repair it for us. When we finally did, David drove our mower over immediately. When he came home, he dropped their business card on the counter. There, in front of my eyes, were their Facebook and Twitter URLs. I promptly logged on and followed them so that if we ever needed to use them again, I’d be able to find them quickly.


A sign or a business card seems like a simple thing, something people might not notice. But I’m proof that they are effective reminders of how people can find you.

Don’t you want your customers to be reminded how they can find you, in the way they prefer to find you, whenever it is they might need you?


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