8 Ways to Promote your Social Media Accounts

It could be because you recently made the decision to implement social media for your business, or because you recently added an additional social media platform to your existing presence. Either way, you may be uncertain how to get the news of your new social platform out there to your customers or readers.

Here’s a list of 8 ways to increase the awareness of your social media accounts.

1. Add social media icons to your site. Adding a collection of branded social media icons that link directly to your social media profiles, and locating those icons in a prominent place on your website or blog ensures your social profiles are “front and center” for anyone visiting your site.

2. Include links to social media profiles on About and Contact pages. You have no control over how someone first comes in contact with your website. Contact and About pages are often the pages most frequently visited after your home page. Also, you may use your About or Contact page as a link off your social media profiles, meaning that if someone finds you on Twitter, they’ll click through to your About or Contact page. Including links to all your social media profiles on these pages makes it that much easier for a person to find and follow you.

3. Use a plugin like WWSGD to include text and links inviting website visitors to follow your social media profiles. Although the specific functionality will vary depending on your website platform, there are several “welcome widgets” and the like that allow you to customize a message to those stopping by your website. This is a great place to include text and links encouraging others to follow you.

4. Add your social media URLs anywhere you have your address, phone number, hours and website URL. Your social media profile URLs are quickly becoming as expected as your “traditional” contact information. And because of that, it makes sense to include them anywhere you also have your address and phone number. This can include: store windows, business cards, receipts, or other signage.


5. Cross-promote across platforms. Have you built a strong community on Twitter but want people to start “Liking” your fan page? Maybe you have Facebook and Twitter down pat, but just started a Pinterest account. Utilize your existing base(s) of followers and fans to grow your presence on a new platform. It could be as straight-forward as sharing a link to your new profile in your stream, or perhaps attract new followers by sharing a popular discussion and encouraging them to join in.

6. Link between social media profiles. Several social media platforms allow for one or more other social media profile URLs. If someone first finds and follows your business on Google Plus, for example, there’s a good chance they’ll want to follow you on Facebook and Twitter, too. Utilize all opportunities and fields you are given to include as many other social media profiles as you can.

7. In your weekly or monthly newsletter. Many businesses have some type of mail out – whether it’s in digital or paper form. This is another great opportunity to promote your social media profiles.

8. With every email you send. Set up your email signature to include text links or linked social media icons beneath your name. If you access your email in your web browser, you might consider trying WiseStamp for this purpose.

 In what ways do you build awareness of your social media accounts?

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  1. Hollywood Cat

    I’ve recently set up a Facebook page for my site Hollywood Cat. It’s been slow going but the points in your article are very helpful. I’ve already implemented some of your recommendations. I have also started to share my favourite YouTube videos. I need to get more “Likes” but it’s not easy unless you’re already known. Anyway, thanks for the articles – very useful.


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