Your Weekly Curated Awesome for 8.16.13

small-business-social-media-consultingHappy Friday! Last week marked some major changes to Facebook’s newsfeed. With that in mind, this week highlights how you can strategically use Facebook ads and manage your business to the best of your ability overall.

1. How To Run a Facebook Ad to Get the Most New Fans at the Best Price The variety of Facebook ad options can make it easy to select an option that seems easy to use. However, this is not always the best use of your money. This post from Andrea Vahl gives some great insight into how to use Facebook ads to your advantage.

2. Are You Sending Signals You’re Not Worth Doing Business With? Every small business owner feels the need to be accommodating to potential new customers. However, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. These subtle cues can give potential customers the idea that you’re not worth doing business with – which simply isn’t true. I’m sure many of us do at least one of these things. Being mindful of them can help us show more new customers how great you really are.

3. The Importance of Realism in Startups Many small business owners can also be so mired in selling that they aren’t always realistic about how they’re handling things. While it doesn’t make sense to be negative, it does make sense to listen to other business owners admit the truth: sometimes doing it on your own involves some “downs” along with the “ups”.

4. Scientifically Proven Ways to Make Yourself Happier I’ve said before that self care is incredibly important to the life of an entrepreneur. Following some of these simple steps can help make you happier which in turn can help make sure you’re always being helpful to customers and potential customers alike.

5. Just Shut Up and Blog This post highlights some of the pitfalls that many bloggers fall into. When you post regularly about why you’re not posting or are all drama, it’s very possible you’ll alienate your audience. Sure, your blog should have some consistency and should represent your voice. However, it’s important that the posts you do put up are useful and interesting to your audience.

Have you read anything great this week? Let us know and it might be included in a future roundup!


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