How to Use Facebook’s New Insights for Fan Research

Even if you aren’t a social media stats person, you’ve likely noticed by now that Facebook has rolled out a new version of its Insights product. Along with a new look to its interface and some additional data points now being reported, you also have gained some new, valuable information about your fans’ user habits and preferences.

The best part is, this new consumer research can impact your social media strategy in a big way. That is, if you choose to put it to use.

4 Things You Now Know about your Fans, Thanks to the New Facebook Insights

  1. How Many Post Clicks you Get Previously, you’ve only been shown your Likes, Comments and Shares. But now, any click your update receives is also recorded and shown to you. (Clicks are blue, Likes/Comments/Shares are pink.) It feels good to know there are way more fans engaged with your update beyond the Likes, Comments and Shares, isn’t it? This also gives you a much better idea about what is working for your audience.                                   new-facebook-insights-clicks
  2. Speaking of Engagement… It is a new metric in Facebook Insights! Defined as, “The unique number of people who liked, commented, shared or clicked on your post“. new-facebook-insights-people-engaged
  3. When your Fans are Online Shown both by time of day and day of the week. This is super helpful in determining when to publish status updates so more of your fans will see them. Keep in mind the numbers shown are averages. You can see that later in the week, and from 9 am to 9 pm, are best for us. new-facebook-insights-fans-online
  4. Best Post Types This is something we’ve discussed a while back, and as for now, it still holds true: Text-only status updates receive the highest Reach. new-facebook-insights-text-updates-highest-reach

A few minutes spent looking through the new Facebook Insights for your fan page may provide all the information you need to make some adjustments in your content planning and posting schedule that will pay off in a BIG way for your overall fan page engagement levels.

What do you like best about the new Facebook Insights? What would you change about it or still like to see?


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