Ideas for Using Tumblr for your Business

using-tumblr-for-businessTumblr for business?!“, you ask incredulously.

Why, yes!“, I respond.

The 6th most popular social media platform can and perhaps should be part of your online marketing plan.

(And we thought Tumblr it had a long list of merits long before we created the Eli | Rose Tumblr blog, BTW.)

What’s So Great About Tumblr?

I know a lot of people may not be very familiar with Tumblr, not even from a personal standpoint. Tumblr is a blogging platform, but a lot simpler and less sophisticated than, say, a WordPress blog.

Though what some might view as less are the same things that make Tumblr more.

For example, comments are not standard on Tumblr. And while you can add them to your Tumblr blog, most people don’t.

You are up and blogging – complete with your chosen template and vanity URL – in a matter of minutes.

A photo with a caption or a short paragraph is often the extent of a blog post on Tumblr. You don’t typically see a lot of static pages on a Tumblr blog, either.

Why Should a Business Consider Tumblr?

  • Quick and Easy Very little to no text is required for a blog post. It takes as much time to pump out Tumblr blog posts as it does to write and publish a Facebook status update.
  • Publishing Queue Adding to Tumblr’s ease of use is its publishing queue. You have the option to publish a post at the time of writing, schedule it for a specific day and time, or just add it to your queue. You can set your queue publishing time to whatever you want. We have ours set to publish once a day, between 9 and 10 am. That means we could write and send 10 blog posts to our queue, and they’d be published one a day, for 10 days, during our specified time window.
  • Reblogs = Social Sharing Nirvana A Tumblr Reblog is like a Pinterest repin. If you like what someone else posted, you just hit the reblog button, and that same post goes out to your followers. You even have the option to add in your own thoughts, caption or reaction before publishing. It’s not uncommon to see a reblog count in the thousands, and for reblogs to be occurring weeks after the original publishing date. How frequently do you regularly see those kinds of social sharing counts on other platforms? Especially when considering the number of users on Tumblr in comparison to a Facebook or Twitter.
  • Social Media Integration You can automatically publish all new or reblogged Tumblr posts to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

For us, Tumblr is the perfect place to share news or info on a social media feature roll out that’s important enough to mention, but not involved enough that it really substantiates a regular blog post (on our WordPress website). It’s much easier to share and to refer back to when it’s part of a blog vs a social media update as well.

Have you given Tumblr a thought? Do you use it personally?


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