Thanking your Employees Makes all the Difference

In my copious spare time (that’s sarcasm), I teach swim lessons at the YMCA of Southwest Indiana. I think it’s incredibly important for everyone to learn to swim and love being able to give back to the community in this way.

One of the things that’s impressed me about the YMCA is that in addition to giving back to the community, they make sure to make their employees feel valued. My immediate supervisor frequently takes time to thank me for my efforts. This is a trait that is fantastic but also is part of the culture of the Y as I’ve experienced it.


Recently, upper management sent a Thank You card to all employees and included a $5 Starbucks gift card. While it may seem like a small gesture in some ways, it’s a gesture many companies don’t make. Much like a handwritten thank you note can make all the difference with your customers, saying thank you to your employees can be hugely beneficial as well.

I’m a big believer that happy employees make happy customers. Nothing is worse than receiving poor customer service when great customer service can make a customer for life.

Especially at this busy time of year, how are you saying thank you to all those that help you?


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