2 More Free Social Search Tools: PinAlerts & Social Searcher

Reputation management is – and always has been – essential in growing your business and customer list. While it’s impossible to keep 100% of customers happy, it’s vitally important to know what is being said about your brand online, and to be able to follow-up with those dissatisfied folks to (hopefully) resolve their issues.

Social search tools give you the ability to find things posted online about your company. They are also helpful for lead generation purposes. Say, for example, you own a carpet cleaning company. You can set up social searches for people who are posting online about carpet and rug stains, and then reach out to them via social media to offer your services.

We’ve written before about a few of the popular, free social media search tools, plus Google Alerts and Talkwalker Alerts. You can use Tagboard to perform hashtag searches. And you have always been able to see what website pages and blog posts have been pinned to others’ Pinterest boards.

Here are a couple more free social media search tools to help you stay on top of mentions on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

PinAlerts (in Beta)

PinAlerts is like Google Alerts for Pinterest. You simply create your account, add the URLs you want to track, and set the frequency of emails you receive from PinAlerts. This is a helpful way to find out what’s being pinned to Pinterest from your website or blog without having to proactively go looking.


Social Searcher

Social Searcher will find mentions of your desired keywords phrase(s) on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Social Searcher allows you to set up email alerts, lets you filter mentions by platform, post type, and language, and reports on sentiment.



Sentiment has always been a very difficult thing to properly track, so be sure to closely review any content that shows up with a negative sentiment. For example, the +1s we received for sharing an article titled, “3 Reasons Why Facebook Should NOT be your Brand’s Only Social Media Network”, were all marked as “negative” sentiment due to use of the word ‘NOT’ in the title.


As the tools become more thorough and comprehensive, and allow for email alerts to be sent to you, staying on top of your brand’s social media mentions continues to become easier.

What’s your favorite social media monitoring tool?

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  1. Andy

    Hi all,

    I’ve built an app called Neuoogle that also provides this capability. Neuoogle is available free on the iPhone App Store, and should be available for Android early in the New Year.

    Neuoogle provides the ability to track and monitor any search you need, be that your online profile, product launches, property or just gossip.

    Neuoogle also operates within a single environment. You can create searches, view results and be notified all within the App; No more switching between browsers, RSS readers, mail client and back to browsers. Notifications are send as a push message direct to your phone so you can decide immediately whether to action it, without having to open your mail client. A simple elegant, easy to use workflow.

    Finally, our app has a very low footprint, at just 0.5mb, meaning you can just install and not worry about using up lots of your precious phone memory.

    Check it out now…

    Neuoogle Team


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