Steady Demand Google+ Audit Tool

If you’d like a quick analysis of your current Google+ business page presence and posted updates, Steady Demand will deliver exactly that.


A free tool, Steady Demand requires you to simply copy and paste your Google+ page URL into the field, and click the “Test” button.

Then, simply scroll down to see your results.


Steady Demand evaluates things like ensuring your website URL is part of your Google+ profile, that a connection has been made between your website and your profile page, and if you’ve correctly setup the Rel=Publisher markup.

Steady Demand does note that its detection of a +1 button is not 100% accurate. If you are like us and have a Google+ +1 button as part of your social sharing plugin, this test might not pick that up.


Steady Demand will assign a letter grade to the updates you’ve posted during the past 30 days. Then, update by update, will show you the Pass/Fail breakdown.


Steady Demand checks for 3 things:

  • Is your post length greater than 50 characters?
  • Have you +Mentioned at least 1 other user?
  • Have you included at least 1 hashtag?

If you’ve only done one of these 3 things, you receive a Fail grade.

Steady Demand is a quick and easy way to get an “at a glance” idea of how well your Google+ page is performing for you. It also serves as a great reminder for posting best practices.

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  1. Ben fisher

    Thanks for the mention Liz , we actually just updatd the tool too, looks a bit cleaner and does a bit more on the post grading. Let me know what else you would like to see 🙂


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