How to Email a Segment of your MailChimp Subscribers

Email newsletters are pretty versatile marketing tools. Depending upon your strategy and goals for using one, there are so many ways to set up subscriber lists, campaigns, and forms.

We often work in MailChimp for the email newsletters we send on behalf of our clients and ourselves. It’s very easy to replicate a MailChimp campaign you’ve already sent in order to reuse it in the future. Then by selecting a segment of your existing email subscribers list, you can send that “reused” campaign to only that specific segment of your list. This prevents needing to create a new list just to send that same newsletter to that small segment of subscribers.

How to Email a Segment of your MailChimp Subscribers

How to Send a MailChimp Email to a Segment of your Subscribers

1. Locate the campaign you want to resend from your Campaign list.

2. From the drop-down box on the right of that campaign, choose “Replicate“.


3. Select “Send to a New Segment” from your list of options.


4. You can now specify which subscribers in your segment to send your email campaign to. The default options are helpful if you’ve gained a few new subscribers immediately following the publishing of a new campaign.


If desired, click the link to view and verify the specific subscribers your email is going to go to.

5. In the next screen, you can edit the Campaign Name and Subject Line, if desired.


6. From there, you can continue moving through the MailChimp process exactly the same way you would if it was the first time you sent a new campaign.

Your email will now be sent only to the new segment of subscribers.



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