Marketing Messages: Why Switching it Up is Worth It

No one likes to write their own bio.

Or resume.

Or LinkedIn Summary.

It’s hard to think of yourself from an outside perspective and put your best foot forward.

As a result, many companies also don’t enjoy writing their own marketing or sales copy. So they write it once, set it and forget it.

I’ll admit: we sometimes do this ourselves.

Change Marketing Message

I don’t think it’s always an inherently bad practice. If your services are current, optimized for search, and consistently help you convert to sales, why mess with perfection?

However, when you’re trying to make a big marketing push – whether it’s for the holidays or because you’re getting rid of seasonal inventory – trotting out the same old sales pitch you’ve always used is bound to fall flat eventually. Eventually customers tune out repeated boasts of “20% off”!

A local jeweler is going out of business. They’ve done a great job of shutting things down and selling off inventory – better than they ever did when they were trying to keep the business open. In addition to steadily lowering prices, they continually switch up their pitch. It’s not all “40% off”! They change their messaging regularly to “19 cents on the dollar” or “no reasonable offer refused”.

Now, that last statement is quite subjective, but it may draw customers who love to haggle. This differentiation allows them to reach customers they may never have been able to draw into the store before.

It’s just a shame that it took closing to force them to get creative and recoup as much money as they could.


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