Have you spotted the Services tab on your Facebook Business Page? It’s located in your list of tabs that appear on the left side of your Page when viewing on desktop. Pages that don’t have a physical location included in their About section do seem to have the Services tab option. But it’s a bit of a mixed bag with Pages that having a Place (physical address and map) included in their About section. Some have this option and others do not.

(If you need or want to change your Page’s template, click on Settings –> Templates and Tabs. This area is also where you can change the order of the tabs you have active on your Business Page or turn tabs on or off.)

How to Add a Services Tab to your Facebook Page

When you click on the Services tab, you’ll be given the option to click to Add a Service.

Facebook Business Page Services Tab

Add a Service to your Facebook Page

When you fill out a Service, you are given a 40-character Service name, the ability to add a Price, and include a 600-character Service description. You also have a space to add a(n optional) photo. You can designate the time your service lasts. If time isn’t relevant for your service, you can choose not to show that field.

Complete Facebook Service Fields

You can reorder your Services once you’ve added them to your Facebook Page by dragging and dropping into your preferred order. You can edit or delete posted Services, too. Click on the grey down arrow to the right of the Service name to do so.

Edit Facebook Services

If you have a Service that is only applicable seasonally, you can simply choose to turn off that Service instead of deleting it. Click on the toggle switch next to “Show Service”.

Show Facebook Service

You can also show or hide an existing Service from the main Services tab view.

Show or Hide tab on Facebook Service tab

To add a photo to a Service, you have the option between uploading from your computer or choosing a photo already posted to your Facebook Business Page. The photo is limited to a square shape. This creates some additional branding opportunities if you customized your Service photos.

Add photo to Facebook Service

Notice on the left side, you have the option to Publish your Services once you are ready. Once you publish your Services tab, it will be visible to everyone else on Facebook.

Publish Facebook Services Tab

Once published, when you visit your Facebook Page, you will see a maximum of 3 Services shown, and the option to click a link to See All. This appears on your Facebook Page’s Timeline, above your most recent published status update.

Published list of Facebook Services

Granted, the vast majority of people only ever see or interact with posts published by your Facebook page, in their News Feeds, but for those who do visit your Facebook Page or find your business’ Page via Google search, this is a helpful addition.


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