13 Updates for your Brand

Have you recently purchased your own domain?

Burned your Feedburner feed?

Created a new, branded email account?

Changed your Twitter handle to match your blog’s name?

Created a vanity URL for your Facebook fan page?

Gone through a redesign?

Making significant improvements to your website and social media accounts are changes that will pay off big for you and your brand in the long term. But too often we forget about the many buttons and settings that include those images and URLs, leaving us in dire need of profile updates.

Below is a check list of 13 possible places you have probably added or linked your blog’s URL, blog imagery or social media profiles.

Profile Update Checklist

1. Email signature (Blog URL and social media profiles)

2. Gravatar (Email account and imagery)

3. Social Media icons/buttons (RSS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)

4. Shareable blog button (Imagery and URL)

5. About/Contact/Advertising page(s) (Email, Twitter, Facebook)

6. Media Kit (URL, email, imagery, social media accounts)

7. Blog communities/Forums (URL, social media accounts, imagery)

8. Social Media profiles (i.e. Your URL in your Twitter profile, URLs included in the Website section of your Facebook fan page)

9. Business cards (Imagery, URL, social media accounts, email)

10. Share button settings (Social media accounts)

11. Website commenting systems/Comment Reply plugins (Email)

12. Email feed (Imagery, if used)

13. Favicon (Imagery)

What are some other places you have your information listed or linked? Does this list remind you to double-check a couple of your accounts or buttons?


  1. Alison@Mama Wants This

    Great list, I think I’ve got most covered, but will check on the ones I haven’t!

  2. Lucy

    Your blog entries always inspire me to step it up!

  3. Jessica

    What a great checklist, I need to read through it ten times and make sure I’ve got it all.

  4. Sherri

    The gravatar thing was tripping me up for a while! I would think I’d finished changing it, then wind up commenting somewhere and poof! My old photo would show up.


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