There are many, many facets of blogging, and it can be overwhelming to understand many of the “How Tos” if you aren’t already a techie pro when you begin. Creating your own brand is essential for helping people get to know you in this big wide blog world.

Here are a few easy tips to keep in mind when working to improve your blog’s brand.

Branding Strategies

Tip 1. Do your blog name, Twitter handle and email address all match?

There are so many social mediums today that it is key to keep your names and handles consistent.  Readers who are new to your blog or new to following you on Twitter can get easily confused if there is no similarity in names.

Email addresses are free and easy to set up, so why not make an account dedicated solely to blogging?  If you have been using your personal email address for some time and are concerned about switching to a new account for your blog, consider having emails sent to your personal account, forwarded to your new, branded email account.

Tip 2. Speaking of consistency, be sure to give some thought to the images used as profile photos as well as your page.

When you join a blogging community like SITS or BlogHer, what photo do you use?  What about the thumbnail people see in places like Twitter or BlogFrog? Or the tiny image used when you subscribe to a blog via Google FriendConnect? Give some thought to what photo you use, and where (i.e. blog button image, or personal photo of yourself).

Your page is an extension of your blog, thus making it an extension of your brand.  Be sure your Twitter description coincides with information on your About page, as well as coordinates with your blog’s look, feel and colors.  There are some easy-to-use, free tools to help with this.

Tip 3. Set up your gravatar!

Have you ever seen images like this in the comment section of blogs you read?


That’s a Gravatar, meaning a “globally recognized avatar.”

Gravatar images are linked to your email address, and you can upload the image of your choice after creating a free account.

Tip 4. Give careful consideration to your brand when working through a redesign.

A blog redesign might be a freshening up, or it might be complete overhaul. Whatever your plan, consider your brand and ways to strengthen it with your redesign.  If the redesign is mostly a freshening up of your look, consider asking your designer to make some custom social media buttons.  And if you are going for a complete overhaul of your site and branding, consider your blog’s name and content, your personality and the marketplace when making your design decisions.  The mom juggling kids, work, blogging and marriage caricature is a very popular design, which means that while you might be consistent in your branding efforts, you will not be unique in the blogosphere.

Tip 5. Have you customized your URLs?

Did you know that once you have 25 Facebook “Likes” you can claim your vanity URL (i.e.  Or that you can change the default LinkedIn profile URL to one that includes your name?

The more you look around, the more you see how many places and in how many different ways you interact within the realm of social media.  Choosing usernames wisely and customizing profile listings as much as possible will help promote you and your brand.

Do you feel you do a good job of branding?

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