Are you Suffering from Email Opt-In Guilt?

I, like many of you, am hit with countless online ads and offers every day. In fact, the incidence of them is so high that I don’t even notice most of them, instinctively clicking to close them so I can go about doing whatever it was that I was doing.

Some pop-ups and ads are more difficult to miss than others. Namely, the giant, colorful email opt-in blocks that pop-up on web pages I’m visiting. A few months back, one of the large, bold pop-ups caught my eye.

Well, at least long enough that I bothered to read the text on it.

Are You Suffering from Email Opt-In Guilt

Are You Suffering from Email Opt-In Guilt?

A business was trying to gain my email address by offering me a 10% off discount on my next order. Underneath the button to submit my email address was a link that would close the offer if clicked, and it said, “No thanks. I want to pay full price for the cutest clothes on the planet.

Email Shaming Pay Full Price


I screen capped it and decided to try to pay better attention to these pop-ups asking for my email address to see if this email guilting tactic was more widespread than I realized.

Along the same lines as the first example, this Gatlinburg, TN, getaway weekend sweepstakes very simple stated “No thanks. I don’t want to win a free trip.

Email Shaming Win a Free Trip

The Loft took a similar approach as Lolly Wolly Doodle above.


As did FTD.

Email Guilt Pay Full Price for Flowers

Elle made it a bit more personal since its email address opt-in form made it seem like you don’t care about your skin and health if you don’t give them your email address.

Email Guilt Bad Skin

I was nodding along as I read Bazaar’s “no thanks” line. I’m totally OK with not having Kim or Kylie Kardashian in my life.

Email guilt kardashians

The Kardashians must prove to be a strong carrot to dangle to get the email opt-in. Women’s Health uses Khloe as the temptation.

Email Guilt Motivation to Work Out

The Muse’s “no link” was much more my style. Yes, please just give me what I came here for.

No thanks email optin

Think this one has anything to do with “Netflix and chill”?

Email Guilt Netflix Cosmo

Dear Us Weekly,

I like guessing games, so I’m OK with this.

Email Guilt Taylor Swift

As I started to pay more attention to the attempts by businesses of all kinds to convince me to give them my email address, the more guilting attempts I found. Personally, I’m not one to be easily swayed, so I’m still clicking away as fast as I always have (except when I decide to screen shot it), but I have to think this messaging style is working if so many sites and businesses are doing it.

What do you think? Have you noticed this trend? Do you find that you are more likely to submit your email address if the copy of the pop-up is more convincing?


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