The Netflix Effect: How to Make Your Content More Binge-able

Oh, Netflix. How I love thee. There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that a whole new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is out and I don’t have to wait week after week to find out what happens. I can consume content when it’s right for me, in the way that’s right for me.

In today’s on-demand world, keeping up with this standard is pretty critical. People want to be able to consume content on their own terms. Since each user will be a bit different in what their preference is, you can’t just decide that how you like to do things is best. Keep your customer in mind and find a number of easy ways to make consuming your content easier.

Make your Content Binge-able like Netflix

1. Have a Number of Subscription Options If people can subscribe to a newsletter as well as your blog feed or like you on Facebook or Twitter, it gives them a way to determine which way to find your content works best for them.
2. Promote Related Content If people like a piece of content you’ve created, find a way to make sure that content on related topics or related products is promoted to them. This can be as simple as installing a widget on your website.
3. Actively Interlink Content Your website and blog should like to content related to your post. Not only is this good for SEO but it makes it easier for customers to find additional information that might be relevant to them.
4. Create Playlists If your content is uploaded to YouTube, make sure that you create playlists. These playlists can take a variety of angles. For our services, we could create playlists for Facebook Tips as well as User Experience Best Practices. This help people to approach the content in the way that makes sense to them and to browse the content that applies to their needs quickly and easily.
5. Spend Ads Wisely If you’re going to create an ad that promotes your content, make sure that ad points back to a place where you’re making it easy to consume others’ content. It often does not make sure to promote a piece of content on someone else’s site. But if you can point back to your website that is well interlinked, a playlist you’ve created, or a blog post that shares related content, you’ve made your ad dollars go a little further while making life easier for your clients.

At the end of the day, you only have your customers attention for a short period of time. Make sure you’re making the most of their attention while you have it. Make it simple for them to binge on your content when they’re ready to do so.


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