How to Create a Facebook Slideshow Video with Photos

Facebook’s Create a Slideshow photo upload option has recently received an upgrade! Since its debut, you have been able to present 3 to 10 photos as a slideshow that autoplays more like a movie as opposed to a regular mass photo upload or photo album upload that users would have to actively click through themselves. Now this functionality has become even  more awesome because you have some additional control over your slideshow’s presentation.

Create a Facebook Slideshow Video with Photos

How to Create a Facebook Slideshow Video with Photos

So where is this option located? Start by clicking on the Photo/Video link in the new status update area of your Facebook Page.
Use photos to create Facebook slideshow

You’ll see a choice of 5 photo upload options. Choose Create a Slideshow.

Facebook Create a Slideshow

Access Slideshow using Creator Studio

The Slideshow feature still exists in Facebook’s Creator Studio, but is located within the Multimedia tab of a new post.

Facebook Creator Studio Slideshow

Create a Slideshow using Creator Studio

Adding Photos to your Slideshow

You’ll then be presented with a pop-up screen where you do most of your work. At the top, you can select what image shape you want to use for your slideshow, called Aspect Ratio. Original is the default setting but you can change it based on the majority of your image shapes.

Image Duration means how long you want each photo to show before changing to the next. You can choose from 1-5 seconds.

You can opt to have no transition between images or soften up the transition by choosing Fade.

Facebook even provides several music choices should you want music added to your slideshow (which you can now access from the Settings dropdown located above your Aspect Ratio area instead of below the Transition buttons).

On the right side, you’ll see a preview of your Facebook slideshow as you are building it. The large grey bar at the bottom is where you see the photos you’ve added to your slideshow and can rearrange their order.

Customize Facebook Photo Slideshow

Here’s a list of the music you can add to your slideshow.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 1.58.19 PM

You can upload new photos to use, take a photo, or choose from photos you’ve previously uploaded to your Facebook Page. You’ll see they are grouped into different categories.

Select photos for Facebook Video slideshow

Select the 3 to 10 photos you want for your slideshow and then click the “Add X Photos” button on the bottom right corner.

Choose 3 to 7 photos for your Facebook Slideshow video

After you’ve chosen the photos you’d like to use, you can preview your slideshow on the right. Don’t like the order of the images? You can drag and drop them (in the grey box at the bottom) to rearrange.

Preview Facebook Slideshow video

After you click on the Create Slideshow button, it adds it to a new status update. At this time, you can choose to publish it, save a draft, or schedule for future publishing.

Publish Facebook slideshow

If you want to make a change to it, you’ll be given the edit paintbrush icon when hovering.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 2.09.45 PM

You can then boost this slideshow post like you would anything else if you want to make an ad out of it.

Because Facebook photo slideshows act a lot like videos, they tend to do better than average with the Facebook newsfeed algorithm.



  1. Pam

    Hi ! Is this function a unique app I need to download? If so what is the app name since I can’t find it. I’m on Facebook on Android and I see only a what’s on your mind post field with an option to attach a photo, video or camera shot. My screen does not look like the pictures you inserted. What do I need to do?

    • The E R Team

      Hi Pam! Based on your comment, it sounds like you are trying to access this for your Profile. However, this is something that’s available only for Pages. If you don’t have a Business Page, you won’t have this capability.


  2. Lee New

    Facebook Slideshow no longer works for me as I have been creating them for the past two years but now when I click Publish they disappear and I never get a pop up telling me that they will be published soon. Any help would be appreciated.

    • The E R Team

      Hi Lee,

      Have you tried it again? Perhaps it was a short term glitch? I am still able to regularly create slideshow videos and haven’t run into an issue with this functionality yet. Thanks!


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