Your Social Media is Boring

Hey, you there. Yes, you. The one who thinks that “doing social” means posting a link to your homepage once a month. I bet you’re wondering why you never seem to get anything out of social.

Well, as we’ve discussed before, there are many ways to define social media success. But it’s incredibly difficult to find success of any kind when your social media is boring.

Your Social Media is Boring

Now, I want to be clear: I don’t think YOU are boring. But reading a bunch of posts that just talk about how great you are…it’s boring. That’s why social isn’t working for you. People don’t want to follow you…and the people who do follow you are bored. Social media can be fun even if your business is boring. However, social media is never fun if you have no personality.

In order to be a thought leader or an expert or even a brand, you need to have opinions on things. They don’t have to be controversial opinions but they have to be stances. You have to do more than post links to your site. And honestly, if all your posts are like “Yay, it’s Friday!”, still no one will care. Because you’re not really saying anything.

With so many people to follow, you need to have some pizzazz if you want people to care enough to follow you. Personality can be inspirational or humorous – it can be encouragement and DIY tips. IT can be behind the scenes photos of you hard at work – or enjoying down time with the family that makes all your hard work worth it. Personality can be many things but you need to have one if you want to be successful on social.

If you want people to care what you have to say, you need to have something to say. Of course, you don’t want to be so vocal that you’re offending people right and left. Because you know the old adage…if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


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