The Best Facebook Carousel Ad Design

Pretty much across the (social media) board, the first thing that catches your eye about any type of social media post is the image that’s being used. Obviously, images are necessities for social sites like Instagram and Pinterest, but it’s even been proven that including images in your tweets – and Twitter is NOT known as a visual platform – increases the interaction you receive on those tweets.

Images are an integral part of your ad campaigns, too. They are at least as important as your copy, if not more, because chances are very high that your image is what will cause a person to initially stop scrolling through their news feed. Facebook gives its advertisers several types of ads to use to drive traffic and sales to their websites, blog posts, online stores and sales pages. Some ad types are used much more frequently than others, but the key is selecting the correct ad type for your ad goal and desired action you want your prospective customer to take with your ad.

Best Facebook Carousel Ad Designs

The Best Facebook Carousel Ad Designs

A carousel ad is one type of Facebook ad to use. Carousel ads allow you to use multiple photos in 1 ad, and connect a different URL to each photo. This is ideal for online retailers for 2 reasons:

  1. Retailers can build 1 ad to advertise multiple products, with each product photo sending people to that specific product’s sales page.
  2. Carousel ads encourage Facebook users to scroll through all images included in the ad by “teasing” the next image to come, showing a portion of that next image in the same view as the image they are currently looking at.

Personally, I find myself scrolling through the dresses ModCloth includes in their carousel ads where each image of that ad showcases a different look. I like a lot of the styles that ModCloth sells, so I’m naturally inclined to “flip through” their ad “look book”. 

From a purely advertiser-based standpoint, I’ve been most impressed by carousel ads that tell a story of sorts. Two examples of awesomely-executed Facebook carousel ads are below. Facebook Carousel Ads

I LOVE what has done with the colors of their shorts in their ads. They are arranged rainbow-style, and I can’t help but be drawn in to keep scrolling through all the photos included. Also note that the image description beneath each photo is different, giving them the chance to point out some of the main selling features of the shorts like their pricing discount once 3 pairs of shorts are purchased or the number of colors offered.

Colorful Facebook Carousel Ad design

well-executed Facebook carousel ad

Melyssa Griffin Facebook Carousel Ad

I have no personal connection with Melyssa, but I think she totally rocked the story of her Facebook Carousel ad. It’s basically one giant image “chopped up” into bite-sized squares for the purpose of this ad style. She, too, takes full advantage of customizing the text that shows beneath each image in the carousel to explain what her free training is all about.

Effective Facebook carousel ad design

Facebook carousel ads visually tell a story

If nothing else, the story these 2 Facebook Carousel ads tell reinforces the power of good imagery for your Facebook ad campaigns.


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