Why Variety is the Best Facebook Ad Strategy

Alternately titled: Why you shouldn’t necessarily run the same type of Facebook ad over and over.

I get it – you want to be able to prove your ad’s worth through conversions so you have a definitive measure of success to point to. Or maybe you found a website clicks ad that worked great (low CPC and high CTR) and you want to replicate it over and over for more greatness.

These are both smart, tried-and-true, successful methods for advertising.

Plus, the money is in the email list, right?

But are you perhaps losing sight of the bigger picture? One that might tantalize your prospects more?

Maybe your business is one that email opt-in campaigns simply aren’t the optimal, sole approach for your customers?

Have you ever thought about what other pieces of information about your company or products and services your potential customers may be curious about (and aren’t hearing about because you are constantly asking for the opt-in)?

How much brand recognition does your company currently have in your community?

Why should someone give you their email address is they are unaware of your company, its reputation, and what it has to offer them?

These are just some of the reasons why the best Facebook ads strategy is going to be a varied one.

Best Facebook Ads Strategy

Why Variety is the Best Facebook Strategy

Above all, variety keeps things interesting for your customers and potential customers. It also allows for more creative options of showcasing all that you have and why you are great to your customer base. We’ve written before how your customers really should be the driving force in how you do what you do. Sure, nobody really wants to be sold to, but since you’re going to do it (and given the state of Facebook, you HAVE to do it), why not make it as interesting and worthwhile for them as you can?

We’ve done lots and lots of website click ads. For email opt-ins, for event registrations, for webinars, for free product samples…the list goes on. These types of ads generally do very well, and it’s very easy to tell exactly how many people followed through on their ad click because you have a definitive number of completed email submissions, registrants, attendees, and the like.

Other Facebook Ad Types

But we’ve also had other kinds of ads do well, such as promoted posts, Boosts and Facebook Offers. Promoted posts are excellent for timeline contests such as giveaways, to announce a new sale, product or company announcement, to showcase a variety of products or selection options (using photos), and to advertise an exclusive, Facebook-only discount code, among other things. Promoted posts and Boosts are designed for engagement, and Facebook tries to show these ads to people who are more likely to click “like” or comment on the post (whereas website clicks ads are designed for users who are more likely to click to follow a link). Boosts are the easiest way to advertise directly to your current fans.

Offers are the closest thing to a traditional coupon. A Facebook user needs to click to claim it, and they receive an email with the Offer (coupon) terms and details that can he taken in to a store for use.

Thinking Outside the Facebook Website Click Ads Box

Here are some examples of other types of Facebook ads that we’ve done for our clients:

  • Promoted posts that include a special code to be mentioned at the time of check-out to receive a discount or deal (great for retailers).
  • Facebook Offers like “Save $25 off a purchase of $75 or more” or “Only 10 sofas available at the incredible price of $299!”
  • Promoted posts that ask fans and future fans their preference for 2-4 items. People love to give their opinion! One example of this use is for a home builder to create an image of 4 cabinet colors or a furniture store to create an image of 4 bedroom sets, label each with a letter or number, and simply ask which one people like best. In addition to comment answers (which will push your post into the News Feed), you’ll likely receive dozens of Post Likes, too. You can then go back and visit that list of Post Likers, and invite them to become Fans of your Page.
  • Promoted posts that showcase photos of several products for sale. You can include the product name, price and even link to the product page in the photo caption. We’ve had great success with this for real estate agents & brick-and-mortar retailers. Paying to advertise your listings & products generates a lot of click activity. You can often get a tremendous amount of clicks through your bulk photo upload for a very low cost per engagement. The more eyeballs you get on your products (or home listings), the better the chance you’ll sell them. This is also a great way to drive foot traffic if you primarily sell offline.
  • Boosts or Promoted posts advertising the “product of the week” or “flash sale items”. This is a great way for retailers to unload older, clearance products. Dedicate 1 day each week to this, and “train” your customers on what to expect.
  • Boosts or Promoted posts (with an image) that advertise an amazing client testimonial. Yes, you should brag about your awesomeness every so often.

The point here is to not dismiss other types of Facebook ads and campaign options. There’s no 1 size fits all campaign type for every business and industry. Also, it’s critical to always be thinking about what your potential customer might want to see. Getting the email opt-in, while considered preferable by most measures, isn’t always the best way to promote your business. And if you are a new business, people will need time to get to know and trust you before they’ll give you their email.

And if you need help developing your Facebook ads strategy, want training to improve the ads you’ve been running, or want seasoned Facebook ads professionals to run your ads on your behalf, please let us know.


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