Are you a consultant who has been offered to try Workplace by Facebook for free, thanks to alerts like this on your Facebook Business Page?

Try Workplace by Facebook

The full offer reads, “Workplace by Facebook helps coworkers connect to share ideas. Free and unlimited groups, messaging, calling and storage. Built for business.

Join Workplace by Facebook

The gist of Workplace by Facebook is to give you “free and unlimited groups, messaging, calling and storage” so you can collaborate with those you work with regardless of where you and your co-workers are.

Workplace by Facebook

Get Started with Workplace by Facebook

To create your account, you need to login with a work email address. Workplace by Facebook uses work email addresses and matches up same email domains, so if you are using something like Gmail or have outside vendors or contractors that don’t have an email address issued by your company, those email accounts can’t join you in Workplace by Facebook.

Confirm your email address to get started.

Confirm Workplace by Facebook account

Next, invite your co-workers to join you in Workplace by Facebook. Name your team, too.

Name your Workplace by Facebook team

Once inside Workplace by Facebook, you’ll see that it has many of the same features as regular Facebook. You can create your own Workplace by Facebook Profile, including profile photo, cover photo and posting updates

Workplace by Facebook news feed

Workplace by Facebook profile

You have a News Feed.

Read Workplace by Facebook news feed posts

You have Messages.

Send and receive messages in Workplace by Facebook

You can create and work in additional Groups.

Create Groups in Workplace by Facebook

You can create Events.

You can invite additional co-workers to join you in Workplace by Facebook, but you are still limited to your domain. As you start to type an email address, it auto-fills your domain.

Invite co-workers to Workplace by Facebook

One feature of Workplace by Facebook that we don’t have as part of our regular Facebook experience is the Teams & Projects section. You’ll notice in the cover photo area that your “Teams and Projects” is labeled an “Open Group”. 

Teams and Projects in Workplace by Facebook

You have similar control and customization features as Facebook Groups.

Note: Workplace by Facebook is at a different domain than regular Facebook: Workplace is available for Android and iPhone, too.

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