Should I Outsource my Social Media?

There is no 1 way to build and run a business, especially if you are a solopreneur or owner of a small to medium size business. As a harried, over-worked solopreneur or business owner, you don’t have departments full of employees who can dedicate their entire work days to nothing but one area of the company. So when you have to successfully execute on everything needed to establish and grow a business, and you are doing it with a small team or all on your own, it’s inevitable that some of your business tasks will need to be outsourced

The question to ask yourself becomes: what business tasks do I outsource?

Should I Outsource my Social Media

Should I Outsource my Social Media?

Our business is all about partnering with business owners like you to establish and maximize your online presence. It could be through your brand’s social media accounts, your website, your blog, your online advertising, or your email marketing. When we work with our clients, we offer both management and training on any and all social media and online marketing activities. We do this because we understand the challenges small business owners face, and like to be flexible and accommodating to best serve your specific needs. 

No matter if it’s social media specifically, or any other marketing or business operations task, the decision to outsource one or more parts of your business typically comes down to your answers to these 3 questions.

3 Questions to Decide Whether to Outsource your Social Media

  • Do you have the knowledge to effectively execute your social media? If you don’t have a strong grasp of social media platform best practices, content planning and creation, setting up and running Facebook ads, and proper social media engagement techniques (and don’t have the desire to learn about them), then outsourcing your social media might be the right choice for you.
  • Do you have the time in your work day to execute your social media tasks? Social media requires regular, active participation; it’s not a part-time or “whenever I think about it” sort of thing. A Facebook post once every 3 weeks, one Pinterest pin a day, and one tweet a week isn’t going to cut it. If you want social media to work for your business, it needs to be regularly updated with relevant and not-always-promotional content, and people engaging with your posts or in your social feeds need to be responded to and interacted with in order to do social media the right way. 
  • Do you have the budget to outsource your social media management? If you don’t have the knowledge or time to properly execute your company’s social media strategy, but you do have the budget, then outsourcing your social media work is a great option for you. However, if you don’t have the budget to pay an outsourced vendor to handle your business’ social media tasks for you, what do you do? The answer: you find a social media trainer like us to teach you what you need to know to manage all your social media tasks yourself. Training can be a wonderful option for many businesses, and the best fit for their needs and budget. 

Outsourcing is a great answer to many small business owner conundrums, but it’s not the only answer. Sometimes – depending on your budget, time, and knowledge – being taught what you need to know to properly establish and grow your business through the use of social media is a better fit for you and your business.



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