One of the biggest benefits of video creation is its long term value to your business. A single video can reside on your website, blog, or on your YouTube channel or Facebook Video Library for years (and really, forever). Even if you are simply sharing your videos on your social media channels, their life is a lot different than a typical social media post because uploaded videos reside in their own library (of sorts) in addition to your post history. And it’s because videos can live on forever that we want to optimize them to be found for weeks, months and years after they have been published. People are searching Google, on YouTube and even within Facebook for video content, and without optimizing your videos, you have very little chance of having your videos being discovered after publishing.

Facebook video search results

This post will focus on Facebook Business Page videos specifically. In order to optimize a Facebook video on your Business Page or Profile, the video needs to either be uploaded to your Page or Profile *or* be a Facebook Live video broadcast from your Page or Profile.

Optimize Facebook Videos

4 Ways to Optimize your Facebook Videos

Let’s first explain how to get to the video edit screen, which is where you need to start for these 4 Facebook video optimization techniques. From the Posts section of your Facebook Page, click on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the post and choose “Edit Post” from the drop down menu. Now, the Edit screen will pop up and you can optimize your Facebook video according to the 4 tactics below.

Facebook Edit Post

Facebook Video Edit Screen

  • Choose a Thumbnail Facebook gives you the choice of 10 thumbnails for your video. A video thumbnail is important because it’s what’s shown to people before your video starts to play (and while it sits in your Facebook Video Library, waiting to be viewed). If you don’t like any of the 10, you can click to upload a custom thumbnail for your video. Bonus Tip: If you record Facebook Live videos, take a selfie before going Live so you have that to upload as your custom thumbnail should you not like any of the thumbnail choices provided.
  • Give your Video a Title By default, the text you add to your post (at the time of originally publishing your video onto Facebook) is what appears at the top in the Edit Video screen shot above. If you want to give your video a title, you have to do it after the fact, by clicking to edit your Facebook video. Once added, your video title will show up in bold on top of the video description. It will also be used in your Facebook Video Library. Make sure to keep strategic keywords and good search practices in mind when you title your video. 
  • Add Video Tags Tags help your video to surface in Facebook search results. When you start typing in the Tags field, you’ll find that Facebook has preset tags. You’ll also see what tags are suggested thanks to the autofill feature. Tags include topics as well as locations. You also have the option to add your own video tags.
  • Add (& Edit) Captions Along the menu in the Edit Video view, click on the Captions tab to generate captions for your video, upload an SRT file or edit existing captions. Over 80% of Facebook users watch videos without the sound on, so captions are key. To learn more about Facebook video captions, read this post.

Taking these additional video optimization steps does take a little bit more time, but will ensure your Facebook videos go a lot further towards helping you achieve your marketing goals.


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