How to Setup a Facebook Premiere Video

Facebook Premiere allows Facebook Page admins to upload a pre-recorded video to their Page and schedule it to “premiere” at a set day and time as if it was a live video. Facebook Premiere videos are pretty much the best of all worlds:

  • People who want to “get it right” can record as many takes of their video offline, and then upload the take that they are happy with to premiere on their Page.
  • You can “batch” your video work by recording multiple videos in one sitting, and then scheduling them for future publishing.
  • No more worries about making sure you go live on your Facebook Page at a regular date and time…scheduling your Premieres will make your video publishing consistent for you.

How to Setup a Facebook Premiere Video

How to Setup a Facebook Premiere Video

To begin the process of setting up your Facebook Premiere video, start by clicking to write a new post for your Facebook Page. Depending on whether you’re using Creator Studio or from your Publishing Tools tab, your first steps may look a bit different. But once you have uploaded your video into your new Post draft, the rest of the process is the same.

Uploading a Video in Creator Studio

Click on the blue Create Post button, then Upload Video.

Upload video to Facebook Creator Studio


Uploading a Video in Publishing Tools

Write a new Facebook post to schedule a premiere video

Next, click to upload a photo or video.

Upload a video for Facebook premiere

Navigate to the video file you’ll be using for your Facebook Premiere, and upload it.

While your video file is uploading, complete all the steps to title, tag, and optimize your video. In this step, you should give your video a title, add a description, add video tags to help your Facebook Premiere video be found in Facebook search, add your video to a Facebook Video Library playlist, select your thumbnail, add captions to your video, and more.

Add and optimize your Facebook video

Facebook gives you a few options for your video thumbnail.

Choose Facebook video thumbnail

You can select from one of the 10 auto-generated images, upload a custom image, or choose an image from your video by moving – frame by frame – through your recorded video.

Select a frame from Facebook video for your thumbnail

Once you’ve finished optimizing your video, click to move to the next step of scheduling your Facebook Premiere video.

In this next step, you have the choice to publish the video right away, post the video as a new release, schedule its premiere, schedule as a regular Facebook post, backdate the video, or save it as draft.

Choose Facebook video publishing options

When you click on the radio button next to the Premiere option, you can choose the date and time in the future to publish your video premiere. 

Set Facebook video premiere day and time

You can also upload an image to use for the Facebook News Feed announcement post that publishes to your Page and the feed, notifying your Page Likers of your future premiere.

Upload Facebook premiere news feed announcement image

You have the option to make your Facebook video available on other Pages that you administer, as well as select from moderation options including turning off reactions, comments, and share.

Facebook premiere video moderation options

You can also connect your video to a donation button to support a nonprofit.

Once you click on the Publish button, your Facebook Premiere announcement post will publish on your Page.

You have the option to edit the details of the post and the video premiere, and people can click to be reminded when it’s time for your Facebook Premiere to start.

Facebook premiere video news feed post

If you click on the “Admin Only: Edit Your Details” link, you can replace the video you are premiering as well as change the date and time for your Premiere, as well as the image.

Replace Facebook Premiere video after scheduling

Edit Facebook Premiere date time image

When your Facebook Premiere Video Goes Live

One minute before your scheduled Facebook Premiere, you’ll receive a notification that your Premiere is about to publish. If you visit your Premiere post, you’ll see Facebook counting down to it going live.

Countdown to Facebook Premiere

When your Premiere video publishes, it will begin to play and you’ll see “Premiere” in the upper left corner.

Live Facebook Premiere video

Hopefully, the addition of Facebook Premiere enables more small business owners to produce more video content, and publish it in a consistent fashion.


  1. Ruben

    Thanks for the insight! But I am having a problem as I am only able to ‘publish now’ and cannot find the ‘Premiere’ options. It’s weird because I have done FB Premiere’s before, but I can’t now. Do you know the reason I can’t?

    • The E R Team

      Hi Ruben,

      I don’t of a reason why you wouldn’t be able to still use the Premiere feature. When you get to that point in the process, can you see it listed as an option, or not?

  2. Daryll

    Like Ruben, I too do not see this option available on my page or my group, is this something that Facebook “chooses” to offer to certain clients. Do you know if Premier is even available on the group format? Any info that you can provide is most welcomed!

    • The E R Team

      Hi Daryll,

      I have not seen Premiere available in Groups yet. Are you trying to use Premiere on desktop with your Page or mobile?

  3. Abdullah

    will everyone on my page get notification just like watch party and live video? or they should chose that they want to get notification for this video. thank you

    • The E R Team

      Hi Abdullah,

      No, I don’t believe there would be an All Fans notification like a live video. People would need to click to be notified.

  4. Azucena Bermudez Perez

    Hi ER Team,

    Thanks for your very useful information. I find the process really easy up to the point when I have to choose the date and time to schedule the premier of my video: I can choose the date but a time is already predetermined and I can’t change it.

    I have tried with both Chrome and Safari and the problem remains. Any suggestions as to how I can change the schedule time? Please note that even when I choose different dates, I am still not able to change the time.
    Thanks so much for your help.

    • The E R Team


      I have never run into that, so I can’t say for sure. It’s very possible, though, that it’s due to a temporary Facebook glitch. These are pretty common and usually correct themselves after a few days to a few weeks. Right now, Facebook is working out a roll out of a new look for Pages, so it might be malfunctioning due to those changes.

  5. A Confused Gal

    Is it possible to have the text content on the Premiere announcement be different than the text content that appears with the actual Video?

    Example: Premiere announcement “Don’t miss this!”
    And then on the video post… have the full long info that I want to accompany the video.

    As it is now…it posted the full long info into the Premiere announcement. I don’t really want that info available until the video is live….

    ALSO I don’t see where I can actually even edit this. I can edit the post but I don’t see the actual video anywhere. I’m looking in the creator studio… also on my page.
    I’m so confused!!

    • The E R Team

      I have not seen a way to do this ahead of time. You could try to edit the announcement post once it publishes, but I have yet to see a way to designate a different message for that announcement post when you are setting up the Premiere.


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