How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest & Create Pinterest Carousel Pins

Everyone’s favorite digital bulletin board has made some platform updates that are sure to be crowd pleasers! After Pinterest rolled out the ability to connect your YouTube channel, Etsy shop, and Instagram account to your Pinterest account, in late fall 2018, Pinterest continued to dazzle its users by introducing the ability to schedule pins for future publishing as well as create carousel pins of multiple images and links. Native pin scheduling means you no longer have to rely on a 3rd party tool to do that for you. And carousel pins (still in “early access” mode at the time of this blog post) provide a richer, and more immersive experience.

Let’s take a look at how to set up both.

How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest & Create Pinterest Carousel Pins

How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest & Create Pinterest Carousel Pins

Native Pinterest Scheduling

Now when creating a new pin with the Pin Builder, you can select between 2 radio buttons on the bottom right side of the Pin Builder pop-up box: Publish immediately and Publish at a later date. 

Create new Pinterest pin with pin builder

When you click on the button next to “Publish at a later date”, you can click to choose the day as well as the time of day (by the half hour) that you want that pin to publish.

Set pin publishing time

The time is shown in military time.

Click the red Save button when your pin is ready to be scheduled.

Once your future pin is scheduled, you can visit the Scheduled Pins are (visible only to you) located on your Pinterest profile page, below your profile photo and bio.

View Scheduled Pinterest pins

To delete a scheduled pin or publish that pin now, click on the pin from the Scheduled Pins area. At this time, there is no way to edit a scheduled pin.

Pinterest scheduled pin

Delete or publish scheduled pinterest pin

Currently, this scheduling option is not available using the Pin It browser button.

You can visit to schedule pins, too.

Schedule new pin on Pinterest

Pinterest Carousel Pins

When you click on the red and white New Pin button on Pinterest, you are shown the option of creating a carousel pin.

Create Carousel Pin on Pinterest

From the Pin Builder view of creating a carousel pin, Pinterest recommends using images with a 2:3 ratio, and that are either .png or .jpeg files. You can click to upload from your computer, or drag and drop.

Pinterest notes that “Carousel pins cannot be edited after creation. Double-check your titles descriptions and links before hitting Save.”

Pinterest Carousel Pin Builder

You also have the option of applying the same title, description and link to all images you add to the carousel, or giving each image its own title, description and link.

If you want each image in your carousel to have a unique title, description and/or link, turn off the “apply to all” setting.

Apply Pinterest pin title description and link to all images in carousel

Once you have uploaded your first image, you can click the arrows underneath the image to be able to add an additional image for your carousel.

Click arrow to add new image to Pinterest carousel

Once you have finished building your carousel pin, select a board to pin it to. The click Save.

When you view your carousel pin or another carousel pin in your feed, you’ll see multiple dots beneath the pin image to denote it’s a multi-photo pin. You will also see 1/3, etc. to show you that you are viewing the first of three images in the carousel pin.

Completed carousel pin buildBoth of these Pinterest features are well worth testing to see if they make a difference in your pin activity. 


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