Google Ads Responsive Search Ads & Google My Business Extension

Google Ads continues to work to improve the effectiveness of its ads with features like Responsive Search Ads and using your Google My Business Listing as a Location Extension. Let’s look at how to set up each.

Google Ads Responsive Search Ads & Google My Business Extension

Google Ads Responsive Search Ads & Google My Business Extension

Google Response Search Ads

Currently in Beta, Google’s Responsive Search Ads pull from your full list of headlines and descriptions, selects the ones it feels will best serve a searcher’s intent, and uses that headlines and description combination in the ad it shows to that searcher. The goal of Responsive Search Ads is to increase your ad click-throughs by providing the best, most relevant content possible to the searcher.

From your Google Ads dashboard, choose your Campaign, then click on Ads & Extensions. You’ll see a blue dashed box with the words, “Responsive Search Ad”, inside it. Click to start building.

Create new Responsive Search Ad

Google keeps the Ad Group, keywords, URL, and display URL intact, and provides you with the chance to add additional headlines and descriptions. On the right side, you’ll see a grade. You can also click on the View Ideas links on the right to see other phrases you might not have already considered.

Google Responsive Search Ad headlines

Google Responsive Search Ad suggestions

As you begin to type into any new Headline or Description field, Google will auto-suggest ideas for you.

Auto-suggested Responsive Search ad headlines

As you start adding more headlines and descriptions to your Responsive Search Ad, your grade will improve.

Google Responsive Search Ad grade

At any time, you can see the live previews on the bottom right side. Click to view what your ads would look like on both mobile and desktop. 

Preview of new Google Responsive Search Ad

Once you are done adding headlines and descriptions, click to save the new Responsive Search ad. You’ll be able to monitor its performance just like all your other ads. You’ll be able to tell which ad is the responsive ad because it shows “View asset details” in a bright blue font beneath the ad copy, and shows, “Responsive search ad” in the Ad Type column.

Connect your Google My Business Listing to your Google Ads

Connecting your Google My Business Listing to your Google Ads account provides you with an additional ad extension opportunity. This extension type is called a Location Extension. When tapped, a person would be able to gather more information about your business courtesy of your Google My Business Listing.

To connect your Google Ads account to your Google My Business Listing, start by visiting the Ads & Extensions section, then clicking on the Extensions tab, and then the plus sign (white in the blue circle). Choose Location Extension from the list.

Add a Google Ad Extension

Google Ads Extension types

Choose your Google My Business Listing from the list provided (or search for your business in the provided search field). If there are multiple Managers on your Google My Business Listing, you will have to select which email account you want to receive the connection notification.

Choose Google My Business Account contact

The Account Manager selected will receive an email confirming the link between your AdWords account and your Google My Business Listing. 

Confirmation email of connection between Google Ads and Google My Business

Now that your Google My Business Listing is linked to your Google Ads account, your new Location Extension will start working and you can monitor its data in Extensions area just like all your other Extensions.

For learning more about location extensions, click here. And for more information on setting up your location extension in other ways, click here.



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